Here's Our Story



Hi, I am Rakeiya and I am the owner of Guided Notes.Guided Notes is a faith-based brand birthed from a call to motivate and inspire people through God’s Word (aka our Guided Notes). Guided Notes isn’t a brand about religion but rather a brand focused on having and maintaining a relationship with God. Too often we focus on a checklist of what a life of keeping God first consists of, so much so that we actually push people away from even desiring to live a life with God. With that in mind, I knew when God called me to create this brand I had to do it, flaws and all. I am proof God isn’t looking for perfect people, he is just looking for willing people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and show that with God all things are possible. So if you believe that having a relationship with God is a vital part of your purpose on this earth, then Guided Notes is the brand for you. Welcome to the family!!!