Who is Guided Notes? From Science to Fashion

Welcome to the blog lounge! I am really excited to created a platform where I can share with you what is going on behind the scenes of Guided Notes. I thought long & hard about what I wanted the first blog to be about and decided what better way to introduce Guided Notes than with an interview.

A few months ago I have the opportunity to sit down with Gregory Becoat (The founder of Blaqd the Brand) to talk about Guided Notes and how it all got started. I am a scientist by day but my passion to created inspirational clothing drives me everyday. Hear all about my passion, my motivation and my love for inspiring others on the podcast titled " From Science to Fashion." I hope you enjoy! Again welcome to the blog lounge! 


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  • Linda Hargrove

    Hi!!! I am so excited with your clothes line. Glad Tabitha introduce your clothing. I want 2 of the white unisex shirt that Choyce was wearing but you are sold out. Will there be more coming to your website?

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