Trusting the Process.

We have ALL been affected by COVID-19 in some capacity but exactly how differs. Some are affected financially while others are affected mentally and or spiritually.  This pandemic has rocked the very foundation we have grown accustomed to. I know for us we have seen the effects of this pandemic spillover causing many people to let fear take control of their very existences. While it is understandable to be concerned and want to be informed we must remember to not let fear sneak its way in and consume us.

I know for us, we have limited the amount of time we watch the news because it is overly saturated with ALL things negative. You barely hear about the stories of those who have recovered (Yes thousands of people have recovered) or any of the good things that are transpired. Like families that are growing stronger together, people taking time to fulfill their purposes & people getting more time to be creative and spend time with God. Though this pandemic is less than ideal we must see the good in it and be thankful for the things we do have.  We have to Trust God's Process while going through this time of the unknown because God is the only one who knows when and how everything will end.

But as we go through this process there are something that you can do daily to keep you mentally, spiritually and physically balanced.

        1. Think of one thing you are grateful for. You can write it in a journal or simply say it aloud to a friend or more importantly to yourself.

        2. Pray! Let God know how you are feeling and thank him for all that he has provided. Tell God exactly what you need.

        3. Move your body! Take a walk or do an at home workout. It is important to take care of your temple. Working out helps ease anxiety and can be very therapeutic. 

        4. Spend time with the ones you love. Now I know for many of us we can not see our love-ones as much as we would like to but THANK GOD for technology. Perhaps you can skype,face-time or use one of the many platforms to communicate with your friends and love-ones.  

        5. Listen to Music. I know for us listening to music has been such a blessing. And during this pandemic there have been so many free concerts. In fact just yesterday there was a Tasha Cobbs concert, a Kirk Franklin concert and DNice has been DJing for like 3 days a week. So be sure to take sometime to decompress and vibe out.

Until we meet again be cautious, be grateful & trust the process. 

~ Rakeiya 



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