"Sometimes the fear won't go away, you'll have to do it afraid." ~Unknown

Life constantly presents opportunities for us to grow, and within that growth are often moments of discomfort. We often feel comfortable when we are following a routine and when nothing outside of our comfort zone takes place. But let's be real, no real growth happens within any comfort zones.  It is when we are faced with a challenge that is molding us for our purpose that we truly grow. However, when we face challenges quite often we are faced with fear as well. And when fear comes into the equation we either run from the challenge, or we face it. In our house, whenever we are faced with a challenge that scares us a motto I often say is, " Do it scared!" I believe that the fear is just a roadblock in fulfilling the purpose God put us on this Earth for. We can not afford to stop moving towards our goals because of our fearful feelings.

The bible is full of scriptures that tell us not to fear because God is always there. While I am a firm believer that God is always there and that our prayers changes things, I have to honest and say that we all have moments where we are fearful of the unknown and new challenges. But instead of dwelling in that fear, we have to lean on God's protection and process and know without a doubt that he built us for this. One of my biggest fears is looking back over my life and seeing all of the many things I was suppose to do but didn't because I was afraid. 

I know that 2020 has been a year of unknowns but I believe that God is still moving and still guiding people to and through their purpose. No matter what you face, remember to seek God in everything that you do and believe in the power God has instilled in you.  Don't let temporary feeling keep you from fulfilling your destiny.  

I believe now more than ever, we need to be reminded to be fearless and to remember that through God all things are possible. God has been speaking to me heavy during these past few months and has inspired me to release a Fearless collection. I pray that this collection blesses and encourages you to move beyond your fears because you know that God built you specially equip to face any challenge.

Stay Tune for our first release from our Fearless collection.




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